About us



International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague (ISMFA) is an international performing art school, that offers courses in music, visual art and dance for children as well as adults. Our basic aim is to help children and students penetrate the beauty and mysteries of music, discover one’s own relationship to it and develop creativity. We have operated in the Czech Republic since 1998 and over 10 000 pupils have already passed through our school. In 2013, the founder of our school was awarded a prestigious Social Entrepreneur Of The Year award by Ernst & Young and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. ISMFA is also a partner of the prestigious Prague Spring International Music Festival.

  • Educational philosophy and teaching methods: a basic philosophy of ISMFA is to develop the talent of its pupils naturaly, in a playful way, boast their self confidence, teach them to overcome obstacles and especially develop a positive relationship with art as an integral part of their life. Teaching is not limited to lessons of music, visual art or dance. For its students, the school organises many concerts, workshops, dance performances and art exhibitions. It also gives them an opportunity to attend prestigious concerts and artistic events.
  • Excellent teachers: our teachers are graduates of Music Faculties of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and Brno, The Charles University Faculty of Education, foreign schools such as London Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and others. Many of them are distinct personalities of the Czech music scene (classical as well as jazz&rock) and they are also active performers. Programmes for the youngest children are taught by lecturers who are specially trained for this age category.
  • No commute: HOME TUTORING or lessons take place at the school the child attends. We strive to accommodate student needs when creating a timetable.
  • Systematic approach to education: under the tutelage of expertly trained teachers, ISMFA attempts to develop children from an early age so that they can from the age of five smoothly continue in lessons on a musical instrument. We run Music Ateliers for children from 3 to 5 years, group lessons (piano, recorder, guitar, violin) for children between 4-6 years. Ballet lessons are open for children from 3 and a half years of age. Dance lessons are accessible for children from the age of  5.  visual art lessons are aimed at children from 5 years of age.
  • A wide selection of curricula: ISMFA offers several educational programmes. This way children and parents have the opportunity to determine their own aim to which the educational programme will be directed, and ISMFA helps to fulfil or alter it in such a way that it brings the most enjoyment to students. ISMFA motivates the most talented with rigorous performances and supports their developing creativity. It also offers them internationally accreditted examinations, such as  ABRSM, LCM and TRINITY COLLEGE and furthermore preparation for the music part of IGCSE and IB examinations.
  • Concerts, dance performances and exhibitions: Regular concerts bring great benefit for all students. Every year we organise over 40 children’s concerts and several big dance performances and art exhibitions. Family concerts provide an informal setting where children can share their music with parents and friends. At public concerts in beautiful Prague halls they can meet Czech and European performers that traditionally feature as guest performers there. Our students also have an opportunity to perform alongside renowned Czech performers within a host of joint projects.
  • No age limit: ISMFA offers courses not only for children but for adults too.
  • Variety of genres:  In addition to classical music, ISMFA also offers lessons in jazz and rock. Amongst ISMFA teachers there are not only excellent classical musicians but also interesting personalities from the jazz and rock scene, classical dancers, progressive performers of Street and Break Dance and artists of various specializations.
  • Musical instruments: ISMFA offers lessons on all musical instruments, including percussion instruments, harp, cemballo, electric guitar, and organ amongst others. We help students choose a suitable instrument and we also run an instrument rental service.
  • Education in several world-spoken languages:  ISMFA offers lessons in Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and other languages.
  • Benefits: ISMFA offers its students and their families the possibility to obtain advantageous „last-minute tickets“ to various opera performances, concerts for concert seasons that feature prestigious orchestras and international festivals: Prague Spring, Czech Philharmonics, National theatre and more.


  • ISMFA Certificate (Classical Music Curriculum) - a condition for obtaining this certificate is continuous education for at least 8 months.
  • Internationally recognized ABRSM certificate (preparation for ABRSM examinations)
  • Internationally recognized TRINITY COLLEGE certificate (preparation for TRINITY COLLEGE examinations)
  • Internationally recognized LCM certificate (preparation for LCM examinations)